APNA Conference 2006

The beautiful white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

Denise Collins, Lexy Capp, Annie Davis, Daryl Camarillo, Judi Merlin, Anne Guerin and Guy Maddalone, APNA’s board of directors.  (Missing from the picture is Barbara Marcus who planned our great conference.)

Sandestin Resort

This was our time to share stories of how we helped our clients.

Lunch on the patio

Judi Merlin, Friend of the Family and Director, shares her story with the group.

Suzanne Royer McCone, President of Annie’s Nannies sharing a heart warming story with the rest of the attendees.

Ginger Swift, ABC Nannies in Colorado

Melissa Prichep from Staffing Solutions @ Mother’s Aides is the winner of the best stories contest.

Denise Collins, Annie Davis, Judi Merlin

Kathy Dupuy of MBF Agency in Austin, Texas

Annie Davis, President of the National Alliance of Professional Nanny Agencies.

Judi Merlin, Suzanne McCone, Melissa Prichep, Ginger Swift, Anie Tandler, Kathy Dupuy and Kim Winblood


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