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ANI CPR/First Aid Class for Nannies!

As part of our training initiative for 2012 Annie’s Nannies is so excited to announce that we are hosting our first CPR/First Aid class for nannies!

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Here’s what you need to know:

•What: Nanny only CPR/First Aid class, with extra focus on infant/child CPR

•When: Saturday April 14th 9:00am-12:00pm

•Where: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle

•Cost: $30 per person, snacks will be included!

•Details: 2 year certification in Child/Infant CPR/First Aid

•Call the office 206-784-8462 or email with additional questions

•This isn’t only for ANI Nannies, pass this email onto any of your nanny friends!

 We’re excited to see you there on Saturday April 14th!



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One Response to ANI CPR/First Aid Class for Nannies!

  1. John Perkins says:

    Thanks for spreading the word of CPR especially through these first aid classes for nannies. In my opinion all baby sitters and nannies should be trained and certified in CPR.

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