Annie’s Nannies: September Nanny of the Month

Jen Brown Nanny of MonthCongratulations Jen Brown, you are our September Nanny of the Month! Jen has been with Annie’s Nannies since the 90’s!

She has worked in On-Call, Short-Term and Long-Term positions with children of all ages. Lately, Jen has been especially active in our On-Call pool and the positive feedback keeps rolling in! One family gratefully commented, “Jen was fantastic! Our daughter loved her right away…the two of them were busy playing at the table when we left for dinner…she was too busy to even give us a kiss goodbye! I also appreciated that Jen was very comfortable with our crazy crew of animals.”

Jen has also been our go-to nanny for hotel jobs recently and one out-of-town client had this to say about Jen: “Our experience with Jen was great. I think it was a difficult set-up given that the children were so tired from a long day of travel, but she was great at keeping things low-key, no expectations, and very flexible. My husband and I had a wonderful and stress-free evening event at the hotel!”

One funny memory with a child that stands out for Jen is when she was talking with a 6 year old boy about different people and their jobs.  He asked her, “Why don’t you have a job?” She responded with, “I do have a job, the best one in the world, being your Nanny!” Jen thought it was so great that he didn’t realize that coming to watch him every day was a job.  She comments, “He thinks I just came every day to play and hang out! I love that and although I do need to make a living, I would love spending time with my nanny kids even if I wasn’t being paid!”


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