Back to School Blues

back-school-03-afWith school starting up again, there are a few simple yet significant tips to help ease children out of summer mode and into school mode.Whether they are starting school for the first time or returning, these suggestions will enable parents, teachers, and caregivers to have an easier transition.

  • Re-establish school-day schedules for bedtime and mealtime routines.Plan to do this at least 1 week in advance.Breakfast is especially important mealtime to reinstate leading up to the beginning of school. Also consider using typical homework time to read a book or do a more educational activity.
  • Arrange play-dates with school friends to reacquaint children with one another, if they have not had time together over the summer.This will alleviate some back to school anxiety about re-establishing friendships and making new friends.
  • Spend time setting up their desk or homework area for the new school year.Clean out old supplies and give it a fresh look that gets them excited to work there again.
  • Make and post a visual countdown or calendar leading up to school.This will help prepare children for the transition and to visually see it approaching.

Remember, one of the most important things is to speak positively about going back to school.Talk to them about the things you know they enjoy about school, such as specific subjects, activities, or people.This will help get children excited for the new school year and more eager to jump right in!


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