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Sign Up Now for our next First Aid/CPR class August 1st!

Our next highly-regarded First Aid, CPR, HIV and Blood-born Pathogens Class is scheduled for Saturday August 1st!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • What: Nanny only First Aid, CPR, HIV and Blood-born Pathogens Class, with extra focus on Infant/Child CPR
  • When: Saturday, August 1st, 9:00AM to Noon
  • Where: Phinney Neighborhood Center Room #6, Seattle
  • Cost: $35 per person
  • Details: 2 year certification in First Aid, CPR, HIV & Blood-born Pathogens
  • Register: Click the Sign Up Now button below!

This isn’t only for ANI Nannies, pass this on to any of your nanny friends!

We’re excited to see you there on Saturday August 1st!

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Temporary Tax Law from Breedlove & Associates

Unreported Temporary Care: An Honest Mistake


With nanny taxes embarrassing politicians left and right these days, many American families want to know what they can do to avoid a similar fate.  This edition of The Legal Review will discuss a common error made by families when hiring temporary care. Read more »

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Nanny Know-How: Choosing the Right Person to Care for Your Child by Estelle Sobel Erasmus

Q: I am thinking of hiring a nanny but want to make sure I’m choosing the right person to take care of my two-year-old when I go back to work. Can you help?

A: When hiring a nanny, it is best to go through a reputable agency. Ultimately, select someone you feel will interact with your child (and hopefully not just chat away on their cell phone, while keeping your child prisoner in her stroller or crib). Here is additional advice from the experts. Read more »

Mother Daughter business team, Annie Davis and Suzanne Royer McCone featured in the Seattle Woman Magazine

“You work with your mom? You’re so lucky,” many people tell Corey Colwell-Lipson who runs the Green Halloween website and Green Year LLC with her mother, Lynn Colwell.

“You work with your mom? Don’t people spend their whole lives trying to get away from home?” a smaller number of people ask.

Mother-daughter partnerships like theirs are growing in tandem with the increase in the number of women-owned businesses. There are no concrete figures on how many mother-daughter partnerships there are in the region or the country, but the number of women-owned business has increased by more than 42 percent from 1997 to 2006 and stood at 7.8 million in 2007, the latest Census Bureau figure. Read more »

Three Things Professional Women Should Know About Nannies – The Glass Hammer by Tina Vasquez, Los Angeles

Once upon a time nannies were only for the uber-rich, but, for some, times have changed. For many working parents forced to put in long hours at the office, nannies have become an essential and irreplaceable part of the family; someone entrusted with the well being of their child.

If you have a nanny – or you’re thinking of hiring one, there are three things you need to keep in mind – new legal considerations, administrative and style questions, and that the nanny is going to be a vital part of your child’s development. Here are our tips on approaching all three. Read more »

Annie’s Nannies Wins Small Business Technology Makeover!

The ACQUA contest was held this summer and included an essay and video submission. Annie’s Nannies is one of 5 small businesses chosen from across the U.S. to win a technology makeover and computer upgrade. We are very excited about winning this contest and how much it will help us improve our small business, and in turn serve our families and nannies more efficiently.

Follow our progress at:

Choosing the Best Care for Your Child! ~ Part 1: Nanny In-Home Care

After 26 years in the childcare business and raising two successful children, I know busy parents need reliable and accessible childcare. In my opinion, the best option, especially for a child under three, is a nanny in-home care.  I have four granddaughters, two of which had nannies and the other two were in daycare.  They are all happy and well adjusted.

However, a nanny certainly makes a parent’s life easier. Instead of your getting your child up early in the morning to conform to an adult-centered world, the nanny can arrive and greet your child upon his waking, beginning a day that is centered on his needs. The nanny plans outings and play dates. The nanny teaches and nurtures. The nanny may help with laundry, cooking and light housekeeping. Nannies are truly household partners, and the really great thing is that your child has another person in his or her life to love. Read more »

Suzanne Royer McCone, discusses childcare options on KKNW 1150 AM

President of Annie’s Nannies, Suzanne Royer McCone, discusses childcare options on KKNW 1150 AM, “Parenting…Field Guide, Live!”

Suzanne Royer McCone, discusses childcare options on KKNW 1150 AM

Ballard’s Annie’s Nannies still strong after 25 years

In 1984 Annie Davis founded Ballard-based Annie’s Nannies; that same year, Seattle Mayor Charles Royer started the Mayor’s Small Business Award, giving honors to small area businesses for their contributions to Seattle’s economy.

Unrelated then, these two happenings would result in an exciting change for Davis:  25 years later she and her daughter Suzanne Royer McCone received the Mayor’s Small Business Award for Annie’s Nannies, currently located at 2236 N.W. 58th St.

According to the Seattle’s Office of Economic Development, the Mayor’s Small Business Award honors small businesses and the diversity and excellence they bring to Seattle’s economy. And for 25 years, Annie’s Nannies has done just that. Read more »

Annie’s Nannies wins 2009 Mayor’s Small Business Award

“My grandmother marched for a woman’s right to vote, and I wish she were here today.  I know she would be proud of me,” says Annie Davis, founder of Seattle’s Annie’s Nannies, Inc. Household Staffing, upon learning she has won the 2009 Mayor’s Small Business Award.  “Even with my grandmother’s influence, my family raised me to be a wife and mother – period!  I’m now in my 25th year as a business owner.  One of the reasons I created Annie’s Nannies was the hope that I could give the next generation of women in my family the foundation to pursue whatever they’d like.” Read more »

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