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Applicant Screening Process

There are no shortcuts to finding the right candidate, and Annie’s Nannies is constantly recruiting to add great candidates to our pool. Annie’s Nannies enjoys an excellent reputation among individuals in the industry and because of this, we represent the best!

Step 1: Our screening process begins with the applicant’s initial call or email inquiry to our office. Applicants who meet our minimum eligibility* requirements are asked to complete an extensive application, and are then scheduled for an in-person interview.

Step 2: During the interview, Annie’s Nannies uses “behavior-based” questioning to obtain a comprehensive understanding of an applicant’s experience and personality.

Step 3: Annie’s Nannies contacts each of the applicant’s references and asks detailed questions about the applicant’s qualifications, previous job performance, and other relevant aspects of the candidate’s special skills or experience.

Step 4: For applicants who make it this far, Annie’s Nannies runs a background check which includes the following: a 7-year state-by-state criminal check, a Social Security number verification, and a driving record through PFC Information Services. Annie’s Nannies also performs a sex-offender registry check, U.S District Criminal Courts (Federal Courts), OFAC, national criminal database, and an online presence evaluation.

Step 5: Once all the steps of the screening process are successfully completed, the applicant is chosen for representation and added to Annie’s Nannies candidate pool. If they are a good match for your job, we will call you immediately.

Please note, clients may be shown a candidate at any stage in the screening process. However, all offers of employment are contingent upon a clear and complete screening.

*Minimum eligibility for applicants:
– At least two years of professional experience in their job field
– At least three verifiable, professional employment references
– A complete work history, including contact information for all previous employers
– Non-smoker
– Valid driver’s license and valid automobile insurance (if applicable)
– Infant/Child CPR and First Aid certified