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Family Testimonials



“We have been using Annie’s since we came to Seattle in 2007.  You have provided us with the world’s two best permanent nannies and Jenny has provided us with a consistent source of equally amazing temporary nannies!  I cannot say how amazing it is to be able to call Annie’s whenever we need help and know that she will do her level best to find us a nanny who is experienced and outgoing, and whom our kids invariably love.”
Seattle, WA

“Suzanne, Thanks for all of your help the last several months. I’ve really appreciated it. You are the best to work with! You always have a great way with people. You could have been a great doctor.”
Seattle, WA

“Your candidates have by far been better screened, more qualified and better prepared for interviews.  And you’ve been a valuable advisor – it’s clear that you know your market well.”
Bellevue, WA

“Suzanne, It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff.  Reviewing and interviewing the candidates was so easy, and once we got to the offer/hiring stage (twice!!), all the tools were at my fingertips. It truly was seamless at every point along the way.”
Seattle, WA

“Suzanne, thank you for your incredible assistance in matching us with strong nanny talent in a difficult market… (the nanny) has completely transformed our domestic lives into as near to bliss as one an can find on this planet”
Seattle, WA  

“AWESOME! I know I have said it before but you guys literally save my career on an ongoing basis. No kidding.”
Woodinville, WA

“I simply could not have gotten through the last week and a half without Annie’s Nannies. Everyone was outstanding, including yourself! I knew every single day that my boys were with exceptional caregivers and that is simply priceless.
Thank you so much!”
Seattle, WA

“Thank you so much, Jenny! Everything went perfectly – the parents had only rave reviews about the process and their nannies. You are a lifesaver! I will sing your praises from the mountaintop.”
Seattle, WA

“I applaud you on the quality of candidates!”
Seattle, WA

“Thanks Jenny—Lisa was great! Very professional and superb with my boys. I can always count on Annie’s Nannies. :-)”
Seattle, WA

“I would just like to say that I absolutely love you guys!! You have been great about working with our short notice schedules and the nannies have been great. I don’t feel like I have a stranger in my house watching my son, I feel like I have a friend coming over to spend the day with him. I come home and he is all smiles, which is so important to me! Thank you!”
Seattle, WA

“I can’t tell you how wonderful this temporary on call service is. It’s made my life so much better and I already have a nanny and a few babysitters. It’s hard to ask a nanny that works with your kids all day while you work to come in the evening or on the weekend. They feel like they need to say yes and you don’t want them to feel that way. Still if you work all day it’s nice to be able to have time not working and not watching your kids without having to send a bunch to texts. It’s great to have evening and weekend care available without a long term relationship. I’ve told all my friends with kids as soon as I see them. You are really doing a great service to families.”
Seattle, WA

“Annie’s Nannies always sends qualified, trustworthy and professional nannies to fill in for childcare for my three young children when my main nanny is unavailable. As a small business owner, time away from work to care for my children can be difficult. But Annie’s Nannies is always able to take last minute fill-in requests and send someone reliable. I recommend them frequently to families looking for backup care.

Thank you, Annie’s Nannies for your ongoing support over the last 6+ years!  (Mother of 3 and customer since 2012)”

Seattle, WA

“Your service is such a savior!
Seattle, WA

“Thanks so much for a stress free year of child care and for sending such great nannies.”
Seattle, WA

“I am so very pleased with each of the nannies you recommended. I could not have been happier!! Thank you so much for all your help! My kids love your nannies!!!”
Redmond, WA

“Thanks for everything you do for us! Your service is amazing!”
Seattle, WA

“Honesty, I think you need to use our son for a commercial! He loves almost every Nanny you have sent us. I love your service and am so very glad we found you when we did!
Thank you again!!! It’s a pleasure working with you.”
Seattle, WA

“Sarah was great! My girls loved her! Thanks for always having such awesome and kind sitters available on such short notice!”
Newcastle, WA

“You all have a fantastic selection of nannies and we appreciate all that you do for us.”
Seattle, WA

“Our toddler is difficult these days and Barbara was able to step right in and win her over. We couldn’t have asked for more. Our experience continues to be overwhelmingly great with Annie’s Nannies and we truly appreciate that.”
Seattle, WA

“I just wanted to send a thank you email to you for the wonderful support your agency has provided our family. My mom has always said that it takes a village to raise a child and I feel like your agency has been a part of our village. We decided at the last minute to go with a nanny vs. day care and using your agency has made that decision one that we are grateful for. We are very happy with our nanny and appreciate all the guidance you have provided especially since I am a new mom and new to the nanny process. I would highly recommend this agency to friends and family!! THANKS SO MUCH!”
Seattle, WA

“My mother is nearly 91 years old, and is living in a group home in Seattle with other residents who have dementia. I am in Chicago, and there are limited opportunities for my mother to have visits from family members tin Seattle. I contacted Annie’s Nannies when I heard that they had senior companions available in addition to nanny services. I wanted to find someone who could just come and visit my mom once or twice a week and engage her in conversation and provide “friendship.” Suzanne and I spoke at length about my mother; her background and history – and Suzanne selected a companion whom she felt would be a good fit with my mother. We were very lucky to have a companion who has indeed become a friend to my mother. My mom looks so forward to Bernell’s visits and Bernell provides feedback to me after many of these visits. I have noticed that my mother has become more engaged mentally since these visits began, and I attribute that in large part to the fact that she has the stimulation of conversation with a confidante.  I am so very grateful to have found a friend for my mother. From the selection of a compatible companion for my mom, to the feedback and caring – I couldn’t be more pleased that we found Annie’s Nannies to help make my mom’s days more interesting.”
N.S.    Illinois                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

“Eight years ago, we had our first child. We made the decision to hire a part-time nanny. A friend had suggested “Annie’s Nannies.” I called them right away and they came through with several candidates. Since we were first time parents, we didn’t know what to expect from our nanny, aside from the basic child care duties she would perform on a part time basis. What we got was so much more. Our first nanny stayed with us for three years and we are still friends. She is one of the most wonderful people I know and cared for our daughter and son like they were her own children. Our lives were richer for knowing her.

Since hiring our first nanny eight years ago through “Annie’s Nannies,” we’ve hired two other full-time nannies, as well as, several on-call nannies for weekends and such. They have all been wonderful people and we remain in contact with all of them.

“Annie’s Nannies” have consistently sent us great nannies. They have always been there as a sounding board as well, when there have been questions or issues that have come up. Suzanne always makes time to call me back or answer an email. We trust them and are so thankful that we have them as a resource.”
Seattle, WA

“I have worked with Annie’s Nannies for over six years and they have found us three wonderful nannies – and I have never found them anything but exceptionally professional. As a busy parent, juggling many things, it’s such a comfort to know that they are looking for JUST the perfect fit for my family. My first engagement with Suzanne was an hour and a half conversation – she asked me a wide-ranging series of questions designed to get the most accurate picture possible of our family, and the type of person who would best work with our specific situation. In each of the four engagements we found a match after very few interviews – a boon, again, to folks with very busy schedules. They want the best for the family and the nanny, and they do an amazing job at keeping everyone’s best interests at the fore. Everyone at the agency does their work with pride and integrity, and I’ve never had anything but excellent experiences with the staff.”
Seattle, WA

“I love Annie’s Nannies. They have been nothing but helpful in helping us find our last 3 nannies/personal assistants. We have also used their temporary services – that is actually how we found one of our nannies. I have always felt that they took the time to understand our family needs and sent us very qualified candidates. They check in with us and have always been willing to work with us. I highly recommend them in finding safe and reliable childcare and personal assistants. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”
Normandy Park, WA

“I have used Annie’s Nannies several times to find child care for an evening out, or for the day when my child needs to stay home from school. They are always very professional, prompt, and send great nannies! We like the nannies so much, we have requested the same ones again. I definitely think it is worth using Annie’s, even if you just need an evening out and want reliable, competent child care.”
C. A.
West Seattle, WA

“Annie’s Nannies is definitely the gold standard of placement agencies in Seattle. Not only has Annie’s found our family several fabulous nannies in a row, they make what can be a time-consuming and stressful process completely manageable. Over the years, the experienced team at Annie’s has done a fantastic job of evaluating our needs and then finding us the perfect match for our family. Thank you Annie’s Nannies!”
Mercer Island, WA

…She has been great this first week and I have no doubt that we have found someone that will become part of our family! Thanks so much for all your help through this process! I had initially contacted another well-known agency here in town and it quickly became evident who I should be working with. Your professionalism, responsiveness and outgoing personality were unmatched and made an often-stressful process very easy. We will definitely recommend Annie’s Nannies!
Thanks again!”
Bellevue, WA

“I have relied upon Annie’s Nannies Household Staffing for over 10 years. And I keep coming back! They are an excellent resource and it’s a pleasure working together. Annie’s Nannies is responsive, professional and accommodating.

When I was in need of a Nanny, they provided me with many wonderful applicants. Each applicant was highly qualified, trustworthy and nurturing. Often times it was hard to choose from such a pool of talent. As a family, we were lucky to have our nannies for many years at a time.

Over the years, my needs have changed and Annie’s Nannies Household Staffing has changed, too. I no longer need a nanny but I do need babysitters and Annie’s Nannies offers on- call nannies as well as other household help. Their sitters are delightful.

Thanks to Annie’s Nannies, I leave the house knowing my daughter is safe and well cared for and she can’t wait for us to leave.”
Mercer Island, WA

“Annie’s Nannies provides consistently WONDERFUL nannies: great depth of experience, high energy, and generally smart all around – exactly the combination of factors that makes me feel like I don’t have to second guess or worry about anything. Thanks also to the Annie’s Nannies staff for doing such a great job in following up quickly and making available such a broad selection of nannies.”
R.D. & G.D.
Seattle, WA

“I’m writing to thank the people of Annie’s Nannies. The staff is so helpful in finding appropriate nannies to help with our long run, short run, and urgent needs to take care of our son.

The most important qualities that Annie’s Nannies seems to be able to produce is finding nannies that are truly interested in our son’s well being. They arrive and make us feel safe about having someone else take care of the most precious person in our life. The nannies have always been polite, professional and engaging with our son. We feel that he has been able to learn and grow with many of the creative ideas and experience the nannies bring.

We plan to continue to use Annie’s Nannies well into the future when our next child arrives. I would recommend Annie’s Nannies to any parent in need of excellent professional and personal help with their child.”
S. S.
Medina, WA

“Working with Annie’s Nannies has been well worth the money. The professionals at Annie’s Nannies understand my family’s needs and send me only candidates that would work well for us. We’ve had nothing but great experiences over 12 years of working with the agency. We wouldn’t hire a nanny any other way.”
The Highlands

“Over the course of the past seven years, I have worked with Annie’s Nannies to place three long-term nannies with our family. Each time, I was impressed with how Suzanne matched our family’s specific needs with potential candidates. Each of the nannies Annie’s Nannies has placed with us has been professional, responsible, enthusiastic, dedicated, cooperative, loving, and a true asset and team player in parenting our children. The personality of each nanny was ideally suited to the age and phase of our children’s development. Not only did each nanny love our children and encourage their positive development, but they all have become an important part of our family, and we keep in close touch with each of our former nannies.

Again, Annie’s Nannies’ professionalism and responsiveness made the interview and selection process a positive experience for me. I appreciated the agency’s careful screening and Suzanne’s understanding of our needs. After an interview, I always felt I could be frank with Suzanne regarding my reactions and benefited from her insight and feedback to ultimately find the perfect match for us. She was always confident that we would find just the right person, and we always did!

The agency has always been helpful on practical issues surrounding the nanny contract and has forms available to assist with the paperwork.

Unlike some agencies, Annie’s has the advantage of offering excellent temporary nannies, and it has been helpful to use that resource to cover when our permanent nanny plans a vacation.

Whenever friends and family from other parts of the country visit our home, they always comment on how lucky we are to have such excellent nannies for our children. I have felt the same way, and thank Annie’s Nannies for introducing them to us!
Woodinville, WA

Thank you for helping us find a great nanny. Laura has been a blessing for our family and it was a pleasure working with you to find her. Having searched unsuccessfully with other local agencies, I was surprised how quickly and accurately you assessed our needs. The candidates you sent us were excellent and I appreciated your dedication to getting us the right fit. I always felt that you had the best interest of my family at heart and it wasn’t just another placement. I will take every opportunity to recommend you to other parents, knowing that your integrity and caring will make the overwhelming process of finding the right nanny easier.”
Clyde Hill, WA

“We were in the rather unusual position of going from wanting to be parents, to adopting a child and discovering we were pregnant all within a two week period. With both of us in professional careers, we had a very short window to hire a nanny, and of course wanted Mary Poppins. I had been very impressed with one of dear friend’s nannies, and she directed me to Suzanne. Suzanne came to our home, sized up the situation, and with her gift for match making found us a professional career nanny, wonderful with our infants, who we often referred to as “Mary Poppins II.” When the time came for us to find a nanny for our then two year old boys, she shepherded us through the transition and found us a wonderful energetic nanny who gently, but firmly, guided our boys through the “terrible twos.” After recently deciding to resume her nursing studies, Suzanne once again has found a wonderful, professional nanny to get us through potty training, big beds and pre-school.
Bellevue, WA

“Annie’s Nannies has come to our rescue many, many times. All of the nannies that we have hired through Annie’s Nannies have, without exception, been trustworthy, wonderful people. And our children have always loved them! Suzanne is a master at placing just the right nanny with the right family.”
Mercer Island, WA

“We like college-age nannies, but they graduate and move on. So we have had lots of nannies, and we found them all through Annie’s Nannies. The agency has helped us find the right nannies, even as our family needs and requirements have changed. And I really appreciate their help in the negotiating process.”
Seattle, WA

“Your agency was like a breath of fresh air. All three of you exuded professionalism, competence and caring… Every candidate you sent to me for an interview was outstanding… Thank you again for a job very well done.”
Seattle, WA

“So, after months of fruitless searches ourselves … Suzanne guided us through all the best practices and then, after thoroughly assessing our needs and goals, sent us an ideal candidate one week later. … Thank you, Suzanne.” – Appreciatively,
Seattle, WA

“…we continue to appreciate the hard work and detail that you and everyone who works with you demonstrate on a regular basis. Some of my co-workers struggling with childcare issues ask me why I’m willing to pay “high” fees for an agency hire – my answer to them is, “why mess with less?” I think your services are well worth your fees, as my peace of mind is priceless.”
Seattle, WA