What Makes Annie’s Nannies Different? 2016-12-28T19:34:57+00:00

What Makes Annie’s Nannies Different?

We are often asked by families –

Why should we use an agency and why yours in particular?

Annie’s Nannies Other Nanny Agencies Online Listing Services(i.e. Care.com) Craigslist
Been in business for over 30 years Since 1984 we have been known and acknowledged in the community for our integrity, ethics and professionalism. Our founder pioneered the industry in the Pacific Northwest. No No No
Full Service – provides guidance and counseling throughout the entire process and follow up after you hire. Yes, we provide a comprehensive employment package including tax information, work agreements, benefits, and guidelines for hiring. Continued counseling and back-up for length of employment. Varies No No
Minimum Eligibility requirements, previous childcare experience. In-person interviews with ALL candidates Yes Varies No No, anyone can post anything. It is not monitored.
Thorough background checks including reference, criminal, and driving all done FOR you
Yes Varies No, they are your responsibility. No
Time Saving! Yes! We save you time and your time is worth money. Instead of having to read hundreds of applications, spend hours on the phone with candidates, do reference and background checks, we do it for you. All you have to do is personally interview a select group of candidates. Varies No, you have to look through hundreds of potential names and weed through them to get to a few that might be right. No
In-depth analysis of your needs, a candidate’s needs and whether or not there would be a good match. Yes! Our philosophy and goal is to identify candidates that not only meet the requirements for the job but will also be a lifestyle match for your family.
“Your Family, Our Priority!”
Varies No No