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Why work with Annie’s Nannies?

Welcome! Annie’s Nannies, Inc. is the premier nanny and household staffing agency in the Pacific Northwest. Our award-winning business focuses on finding the best possible matches between employee and employer, resulting in jobs that not only meet our applicants’ financial needs, but often turn into satisfying careers. Our standing within the industry means we have an excellent array of opportunities, so whether you’re looking for part-time, temporary, full-time permanent or anything in between, Annie’s Nannies will do the work in finding you the right job.

Unlike finding a job through an online listing service or other means, obtaining your new position through Annie’s Nannies means you will have support throughout the entire process, including when you are working in your employment.

Benefits of signing on with Annie’s Nannies include:

  • Expert guidance throughout the process. Our applicants are one of our most valuable resources, so we work in consultation with you to determine exactly what kind of job you’re looking for, offer direction during the interview process, help draw up work agreements and offer advice when you need it upon, and throughout, your employment.
  • Finding the right position for you. You will not need to spend hours combing through job listings and going through interviews just to find there is no possible match or the job is quite different than what you expected. Instead, Annie’s Nannies will present you with only the targeted job opportunities that are most likely to lead to a great match.
  • Advocacy and continued education. We know and value the professionalism you bring to the job. We support you in this by keeping up on current market trends, employment law, best practices and compensation packages.

Ready to find your dream job? Simply fill out our application and let’s begin!

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