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Annie’s Nannies: September Nanny of the Month

Jen Brown Nanny of MonthCongratulations Jen Brown, you are our September Nanny of the Month! Jen has been with Annie’s Nannies since the 90’s!

She has worked in On-Call, Short-Term and Long-Term positions with children of all ages. Lately, Jen has been especially active in our On-Call pool and the positive feedback keeps rolling in! One family gratefully commented, “Jen was fantastic! Our daughter loved her right away…the two of them were busy playing at the table when we left for dinner…she was too busy to even give us a kiss goodbye! I also appreciated that Jen was very comfortable with our crazy crew of animals.” Read more »

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Annie’s Nannies: August 2013 Nanny of the Month

Kathryn HillmanKathryn Hillman was chosen as August’s Nanny of Month.  Kathryn has been part of our on call pool since early June 2013 and from the get go, we knew she would be an all-star! She presents herself in a professional way and the kids she looks after absolutely adore her!

One of her early clients said “Kathryn was great! She immediately understood that my little one might cry when I left and did what she could to distract her (she would definitely have cried!) She was also very firm with my 7 year old (who later informed me he was not exactly cooperative!) and I was impressed with that.”

 When asked about a favorite funny moment working with kids, Kathryn said: “I was looking for something to prepare for dinner for the kids I was watching the other night, and the 4 year old chimed in and said ‘Well, Mommy lets us have pancakes and chocolate chips sometimes usually a lot of the time. We can have those.’

I replied, ‘Hmm…really? I’m sure. That sounds delicious. Your Mommy is very nice.’
She says, ‘She is, but don’t tell her we ate them.’
Needless to say, we didn’t eat chocolate-chipped-pancakes for dinner this time around.”

Thank-you for all your wonderful work Kathryn! We’re lucky to have you!


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Annie’s Nannies: July Nanny of the Month

Alyssa Gilbert Nanny of MonthOur July Nanny of the Month is Alyssa Gilbert!  Alyssa joined our On-Call pool in June of 2012 and has also been working consistently for an ANI family part-time since December. This family says, “Alyssa has been wonderful.  She is punctual, reliable, so helpful, and great with the kids.  Thanks so much for finding her – she is amazing!” A regular On-Call family Alyssa works with commented early on that “Alyssa was wonderful – a real life-saver this past week. We would like for her to be at the top of our babysitting list!”

When asked to recall something funny a child said to her, Alyssa remembered when a boy she cares for asked her if she was a teenager.  When she answered no, he asked her if she was an adult. When she replied yes, he told her that she doesn’t look like one! Alyssa says, “That made my day!”


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Annie’s Nannies: June Nanny of the Month

Jamine GilesDrumroll please…..our June Nanny of the Month is Jasmine Giles!

Jasmine has been working consistently in our On-Call pool since last September.  She has worked with children of all ages and many families have such positive things to say about her. One parent says, “She is our top choice!” Another family told us how wonderful it was to come home when Jasmine was their nanny and hear their sons’ laughter from outside the house. Lastly, one happy mom raved, “We just LOVED Jasmine. [My girls] took to her right away!  She arrived enthusiastic for the job and we will definitely request her again.” Read more »

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Annie’s Nannies: April Nanny of the Month

Congratulations, Courtney Martini! You are our April Nanny of the Month!

Courtney has been taking consistent On-Call work for some time now and we have received so many positive remarks about her from happy families.  One family remarked, “Courtney was wonderful! She was very flexible with both of us coming in and out of the house at various times.”  Another happy dad said it more succinctly: “Terrific.  Loved her.  Personable, mature, overall lovely.”

When asked to share the funniest thing she’s heard a child say, Courtney responded with the following: “This morning, while on a coffee date with a 4 ½ year old, he looked at me and then down at his chocolate old-fashioned doughnut, and said, ‘Don’t ask me if this is good, because these are always good!’ Apparently I’m too predictable.”

We think you are fantastic, thanks Courtney!

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Annie’s Nannies: March Nanny of the Month!

Congratulations to Dahlia Winans on being chosen as Annie’s Nannies March Nanny of the Month! Dahlia has been described as a 21st century Mary Poppins! One family recently told us, “We LOVE Dahlia!”

Dahlia Winans

When asked to share a funny story about a child, Dahlia told us the following story: “One time a child told me ‘Dahlia, I ran to the bathroom as fast as I could but the poo ran faster than me!’”

Dahlia is creative, compassionate, and brings an excellent sense of humor and fun to her work.

Congratulations Dahlia and thank you for your exceptional work as a Nanny!

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Annie’s Nannies: February Nanny of the Month

amity mayCongratulations to Amity May on being chosen as Annie’s Nannies February Nanny of the Month! She has been such an incredible asset to the On-Call team and we always get excellent feedback on her: “Amity was great. Yesterday was the longest time I’ve been away from Isabella and I felt comfortable with Amity right away. She seemed really trustworthy and mellow, which is exactly what my baby needs. I came home to a happy baby.”

When asked about something funny a child recently told her Amity had this to say: “I’d say one of the cutest things said to me recently was when a four year old boy told me he loved me after having only met me one other time. I love how open little kids are.”

Congratulations Amity and thank you for all you do!!

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Annie’s Nannies 2012 Nanny of the Year!!

Heather nanny of the year 2012 photoWe are thrilled to announce our 2012 Nanny of the Year is Heather McKay!  We placed Heather in a Nanny/Family Assistant job last year, and she was our August Nanny of the Month in 2012.  Her family had this to say upon hearing of her win:

“Our family is thrilled to hear that Heather has been selected as Nanny/Family Assistant of the Year.  She is certainly deserving of this honor.  Heather provides our busy household with incredible support and organization, and always with an energetic smile.  She anticipates our needs and does more than we ask.  As a professional single mom, I don’t what I’d do without her! Thanks for honoring Heather.”

Heather recently came into our office to receive her award, some flowers, and a special treat! Congrats!




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Annie’s Nannies: January Nanny of the Month

8089239798_c703b6ee97_mCongratulations to Lisa Eeckhoudt on being chosen Annie’s Nannies January Nanny of the Month!  Lisa has been a professional nanny/family assistant for over 10 years.  She has worked for her current family for almost 6 years, and they had this to say about her: “Lisa has been a loving, stimulating, and attentive caregiver for our three children.  She transitions seamlessly between her roles as caregiver, household manager, and administrative assistant while always maintaining her professionalism. Our respect for Lisa has only grown over the years — she is integral to our family and we love having her here with us!”

When asked about something funny a child recently told her Lisa had this to say: “Driving home from preschool, this was said “I think the windshield wipers are hurting the feelings of the raindrops”.”

Congratulations Lisa and thank you for all you do!!

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Annie’s Nannies–November Nanny of the Month

Congratulations to Mary Elizabeth Johnson on being chosen Annie’s Nannies November Nanny of the Month!  Mary Elizabeth was hired as a summer nanny by an ANI family who had this to say: “Mary Elizabeths’ approach is to inspire children through mutual respect, gentle reminders and discussion.”  This fall Mary Elizabeth was hired into a long-term Family Assistant role!

When asked about her favorite holiday activity with children, Mary Elizabeth replied: “My absolute favorite thing to do around the holidays with children is take a walk and look at all the decorations! It’s a great excuse to just take a stroll around the neighborhood or pop into a nearby store. The kids love seeing all the lights and creative decorations and the best part is, it’s totally free! You can also make a game out of it, like on Halloween, we went around the neighborhood on a pumpkin hunt! We counted all the pumpkins we could see and it was a fun and great way to keep the kids engaged.”

Congratulations Mary Elizabeth and thank you for representing ANI in the community!


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