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Working with Annie’s Nannies

Annie’s Nannies is much more than your average staffing agency or online listing service. The combined skills and experience of our team serves every client, and our goal is to always make the best possible match within the appropriate time frame, saving valuable time and unnecessary worry.

What makes Annie’s Nannies different?

What to expect while working with us:
In addition to the logistical tasks of pre-screening candidates and conducting background checks, we excel at finding the right match between nannies, household staff, and families. By taking the time and asking the right questions, we collaborate with you in determining a complete job description that suits your needs, attracts the right candidates, and takes your entire family into consideration. This is a great source of pride for Annie’s Nannies. In fact, 95% of our placements extend beyond the guarantee period.

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In order to find you what you need, we believe we first need to know who you are.  During our consultation we find out all about you – Who are your children? What is your family culture? What are your philosophies? Traditions? Interests? Personality? Home/housekeeping style?

As we learn more about your family’s life and needs, a picture comes into focus about what role/s you are truly seeking to fill. Is it childcare only? Do you need a home-base person to manage all the details and get your children where they need to go? We are here to help you pinpoint what you need and feel good about moving forward to find it!

Detailed job descriptions are key to attracting and hiring the right person. Annie’s Nannies does all the work to create a comprehensive job description, so we can move forward with finding you the right candidates

We send you not only candidates who meet your needs, but the candidates who really want a position like the one you seek to fill. Our goal is to make the selection process as easy as possible. Whether you need to see a variety of candidates or just a select few, we will make sure it works for you.

Our Placement Counselors are experts at giving advice, sharing their experience about what has worked for other families, or just listening as you go through the pros and cons of each candidate. We understand that bringing someone to work in your home is personal – we will work with you throughout this process and assist you in making th best decision for you and your family.

Found the right person? Terrific! Our expert Placement Counselors will provide you with the tools and advice you need to become an employer.

Ongoing support is one of our specialties. If you need anything from backup for your nanny to just a sympathetic ear, we are here for you.

Questions about becoming an employer? You are not alone and there is no need to guess. Annie’s Nannies provides a complete employment package, including tax information, work agreements, benefit guides and hiring guidelines.  For more information, visit our FAQs.

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Determining Your Family’s Needs

Not every family needs the same type of nanny or household support. A key difference in working with Annie’s Nannies is our experience in determining how your needs translate into a specific job description. Avoiding a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach allows us to boast a 95% success rate in placements lasting longer than the guarantee period.

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There are no shortcuts to finding the right candidate, and Annie’s Nannies is constantly recruiting to add great candidates to our pool.  Annie’s Nannies enjoys an excellent reputation among individuals in the industry and because of this, we represent the best!

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Who we work with

We value the companies here in the Puget Sound area that we have been working with for over 32 years, and give discounts to the employees of the following Companies:

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