Who We Are

Meet Our Team

Annie Davis, Founder and CEO

Annie2013cropAnnie spends much of her time working to expand the business through new ideas and networking and represents Annie’s Nannies on a national level through her work with the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) of which she is immediate past president, and the International Nanny Association (INA), on which she has held a board position. She has a degree in education and is active on behalf of Annie’s Nannies with the Ballard Chamber of Commerce. She pursues her individual interests through involvement with the Phinney Neighborhood Community Council (PNCC), exercising five days a week and shaking her fist at the television during pundit shows. She is devoted to family and relishes time with her four granddaughters, ages 14 – 24, frequently entertaining neighbors and family in her home.

Suzanne Royer McCone, President and Placement Counselor

Suzanne has worked with the agency almost since its inception and has helped countless families successfully navigate their childcare and household management challenges. She has helped build the company based on her own experience as a working mother and from almost three decades of learning the needs of families and those looking to work with families. When she’s not at work she is often found in the kitchen baking and is a true movie buff. Her compassion and fun-loving nature are a credit to the agency’s low staff turnover. Suzanne values the opportunity to counsel and support parents and nannies as they evaluate their choices.

Teah Achman,  Placement Director

An organizational powerhouse, Teah joined Annie’s Nannies in 2003 and works with families arranging long-term and short-term placements of nannies and household staff. With a BA in Communications from Washington State University, Teah spent several years working in advertising and marketing. As a working parent, she understands the challenges of balancing a career and childcare.  Her family enjoys camping and hosting dinner parties during their free time. Left to her own devices, Teah is likely to be found spending time with her daughter, reading or cooking. She fondly remembers the European vacation her parents took her and her brother on when she was 12, and notes that although her parents did not have a lot of money, they made travel a priority in their family’s life. Teah finds that learning about the special priorities of client families and creating a successful match based on what she discovers is the most rewarding part of her job.

Jenny Williams, Temporary Placement Director

Jenny fields many details in her work of placing nannies with families for all the in-between times when full-time or permanent childcare is not necessary. She is sometimes referred to as “Jenny the Magician” as she often seems to produce nannies out of thin air at a moment’s notice. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and a Master in Teaching from Seattle University. When she’s not helping parents manage hectic lives, she enjoys reading novels upon novels and going for runs around Greenlake. She also enjoys traveling and has climbed to the top of Preikestolen in Norway, something which makes the palms sweat for the rest of the Annie’s Nannies team, but speaks volumes about Jenny’s ability to handle interesting situations.

Autumn Brown, Applicant Coordinator

autumnWith her experience as a doula for 10 years, Autumn loves to serve and help people around her, and deeply understands what families need when hiring a caregiver.  After having her first child at home with a midwife, Autumn went through training and became certified as a doula and childbirth educator. Autumn visited Seattle after graduating high school and fell in love with it, ultimately moving here in 2000. She grew up in southern California and remembers family trips to the beach. While her dad and brother surfed, she spent hours in the ocean bodysurfing. Most people don’t know that Autumn’s first job was working at an independent record label where bands like Soundgarden and Sonic Youth got their start. In her spare time she goes to concerts, plays bass guitar, goes on family walks and cheers on our Sounders FC. Autumn also enjoys event design and decorating and has created beautiful settings for weddings, showers and parties. She is excited to be part of the ANI team because she appreciates how long ANI has been part of the Seattle community, helping match up families and nannies so that children are provided the best loving care.

Lucy, Cuddle Counselor

Lucy 3Lucy began with ANI as a temporary cuddle-giver and recently came on board full-time! She’s a great listener, and brings joy and cuddles to all that visit and work here. Lucy had a rough start in life, but was rescued by the Achman clan and now enjoys camping with her family and has her very own couch…sort of!  She is happy to accept her salary in treats, and loves going to work every day and watching over the girls on her team.

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