Mother’s Day Salute as seen in the May issue of Northwest Baby & Child.

In 1989 when my children were 23 and 26, they wrote a Mother’s Day Salute letter to Seattle Today. Even though I have not been the perfect mother, my now-grown children think that I, like Mary Poppins, am practically perfect in every way.

I have put my children through divorce, re-marriage, divorce and re-marriage. We didn’t always live in the best neighborhood and I did not drive the best car. We moved around a lot so my children went to several different schools. I worked part time while going to school as a single mother and obtained my degree in education. We were poor and on our own but we always had each other.

The following is an excerpt of what my children wrote about me on that Mother’s Day in 1989:

Our Mom has such goodness and love in her that when she smiles, she lights up your whole day. She makes everyone feel that they are very important and worthwhile. She also gives the best hugs this side of anywhere! Our Mom also has the most infectious laugh you’ve ever heard. She also is the best conversationalist around. The three of us love to go out together and talk all night. Family times are something we look forward to, even initiate. We find it so hard to believe that other children think of family get-togethers as boring or obligatory. We can’t get enough of our family. We are all each other’s best friends and support system. Our Mom is also a Mom to all of our friends. She is always there for support and love when someone she knows needs it. Everyone calls her Mom and she loves it. She also used to teach street kids and kids that were abused and kicked around. All the kids loved her there and they thrived and learned in an environment, which most would find intolerable. She is the most accepting, nurturing, magical person we know. We just can’t say enough about her. Everyone agrees that a life without her would certainly be empty and very, very dull.

You don’t have to be wealthy, live in a big house and drive an expensive car to be a good mother. Being a good mother comes from the heart. It comes from the love you give and the love you receive. It comes from mutual respect and sharing. It comes from giving of your time and attention. Being a good mother is not always easy but it sure gets results. That Mother’s Day Salute was the best Mother’s Day gift I have ever received.

– Annie Davis


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