Northwest Baby & Child, November 2007

In 1984, Annie Davis noticed many of her friends, professionals in their late 30s, were beginning their families. This was a new trend, and Annie knew these people would need quality child care such as a nanny, so Annie’s Nannies was born. By the time the nanny placement industry took off in the early 1990s, Annie’s Nannies had already been in business for years.

We grew with the nanny placement business, says Suzanne Royer McCone, president of Annie’s Nannies, and Annie’s daughter. We are pioneers. The expertise that Annie’s Nannies has developed through the years is truly what sets it apart from other agencies. They are able to help families identify what they are looking for in a nanny and then locate an individual who will meet the family’s requirements. Suzanne says her clients typically hire the first, second or third nanny they interview as opposed to going through potentially dozens of candidates if they are hiring on their own.

Philip Morse, a senior vice president at Nintendo and Annie’s Nannies client, agrees. “The first or second candidates that Annie’s has sent have been the ones that I have hired — and with great results.”  Annie’s Nannies has an “uncanny ability to consistently offer up very high quality candidates. They have a knack for understanding who it is I am looking for and sending them my way,” he adds.

Suzanne hears this kind of praise regularly and it’s one of the perks of her job, she says. “Helping families identify what they need and really want and then getting that for them, and having them be so grateful that’s very satisfying,” she says.


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