Association of Premier Nanny Agencies Annual Conference 2008

Agency owners from all over the country and Canada came to Las Vegas in October for APNA’s annual conference.  APNA conferences help agency owners understand the day to day basics of our industry.  We always come away refreshed with new ideas to help our clients find the best care for their children and their family.  Annie’s Nannies own Placement Counselor, Teah Achman, was one of the presenters.  She spoke about the need for on-call and temporary childcare for area families.

The following are APNA’s code of ethics which all APNA members must live by:

  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct and integrity.
  • Offer assistance and accurate information so that families and caregivers can make informed choices about entering into mutually beneficial in-home childcare arrangements.
  • Respect confidential relationships with families and caregivers.
  • Resolve conflicts and disputes promptly and fairly.
  • Provide friendly, courteous service.
  • Continually maintain and improve professional knowledge, skills and competence.
  • Obey all laws and regulations applicable to in-home childcare referral and placement.
  • Respect the contribution of colleagues and associates in the field of in-home child care.

Vendor and Break Room

Annie Davis making opening remarks

Playing Jeopardy

Attendees and Board Members Daryl Camarillo and Denise Collins

APNA Board

Denise Collins, Judi Merlin, Mellisa Peckham, Annie Davis, Ginger Swift, Lexy Capp, Daryl Camarillo, Claudia Kahn, Anne Guerin, not pictured Barbara Marcus

Past Agency of the Year Winners Barbara Marcus and Judi Merlin

Pat Cascio this year’s winner


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