Nannies jumping for joy as seen on KING 5 News by Lisa Van Cise/NWCN

If you’re looking for some positive economic news, we have just the story for you.
While some analysts look at consumer confidence, mortgage activity, and employment to gauge the economic outlook, a Seattle business woman uses something else.

Annie Davis has 25 years of experience staffing nannies in Western Washington and holds tight to her economic prediction, the worst is over.

When job openings took a dip last fall and winter, she knew we were diving into a bleak economic situation.

“It was very hard and we just felt so bad for our nannies,” says Davis, the company’s C.E.O.

But now she says business is double what it was during those winter months, and according to her “Annie’s Nannies Index,” it means the rest of us will start to see a slowly rebounding economy.

Davis says those new job openings are indicators the economy is on its way up.

Just like the kids they watch, nannies around Western Washington are jumping for joy.

The Annie’s Nannies Index has yet to be adopted by financial analysts, but Davis has seen it work in past recessions and stands by her own, albeit unique, economic barometer.

Financial analysts we spoke with say there might be some truth to the Annie’s Nannies Index.

It could be suggesting more people are getting jobs and going back to work or just feel more confident about their own financial situation.


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