Annie’s Nannies – May Nanny of the Month

May’s Nanny of the Month is Becky Jensen! We have consistently received excellent feedback about Becky from her longterm family, as well as the many temporary families who request her. Becky has a demonstrated a wonderful attitude and work ethic.

Becky’s favorite craft activity for kids is making Fruit & Veggie Stamp Cards. Here are instructions:

  • Pick a couple pieces of fruit or vegetables (good ones are broccoli, apples, or strawberries).
  • Cut the fruit so there is a flat side. Dry the flat side with a paper towel.
  • Use folded cardstock and washable ink pads for the cards. Use one color of ink per fruit/vegetable to minimize the mess.
  • Press the fruit/vegetable on the ink pad and then press firmly onto the card.
  • Let the cards dry and then fill in the inside with a note for a friend or family member!

Congratulations Becky!


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