Interviewing Tips for Nanny Jobs

Interviewing for a job is always a nerve racking process.   What might work in the corporate world, doesn’t always translate in the nanny world.  Here are some tips and tricks for standing out from other nannies and also helping you find the perfect match!

  1. Make a good first impression:  This is from the first phone call forward.  Call back promptly, be on time or early to the interview,  dress appropriately, no perfume!  Bring your resume and references.  Have a good hand shake!
  2. Interact with the children:  We often get feedback from families that the nanny didn’t interact with the children. Often nannies are nervous and focused on answering the parent’s questions.  Parents want to see your love for children, be sure to convey your passion for childcare as much as possible!
  3. Do not gossip about previous employers or nanny agencies:  Families will want to know why your previous position ended, but remember to be professional at all times.  Any kind of gossiping makes parents worry that you will gossip about them to others.  Be positive about any negative experiences you’ve had and don’t dwell on them!
  4. Come prepared with questions for the parents:  Remember you are not the only one being interviewed!  You should also interview the parents and make sure that they are the right fit for you!  Parents like being asked questions about their family, parenting style and the job.  It shows you are truly interested in the job.
  5. Share a compelling story:  Many times, you will be asked the same questions over and over.  The families often hear the same cookie-cutter responses.   Come prepared with a few interesting stories about situations you’ve had with children.  Keep them positive!
  6. Do not discuss salary:  During the first interview, it is not usually a good idea to bring up salary requirements. If you are asked by the family, say you are negotiable.  Salary is best discussed in a second interview or once a job offer has been made.  Nanny jobs are highly relational, and parents often feel put off when a nanny brings up money right away.
  7. Thank you!:  Thank the parents for their time at the end of the interview.   Write a thank you note or email after the interview if you are interested in the position.  The hand written thank you note is a lost art and really makes you stand out!

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