Tolls for SR520 Bridge Starting In Spring And How It Could Affect Nannies and Their Families-

Recently we received a call from a nanny who was concerned about how SR 520 tolls were going to affect her and the family for whom she works.  Beginning this spring, people traveling back and forth between the Eastside and Seattle on the SR 520 Bridge, will pay a toll.  For those who travel during peak hours such as 7am-9am and 3pm-6pm, tolls  could cost as much as $140 per month.

A complete list of rates can be found here.

Now is the time for families and nannies to communicate with each other about how this is going to affect their current arrangement.

Here are some ideas you might want to raise with your employer or employee:

(1)    Use the Good To Go Pass. This pass is on your license plate or your windshield.  When you pass through the tolling area, the system will automatically read your pass and deduct the correct amount from your account.  Those without a pass will be billed for their tolls by mail and billed at a higher toll amount than drivers who have a pass. If you activate your Good To Go Pass account by April 15th, you will receive $10 in free 520 tolls.

(2)    If possible, try to arrange you and your nanny’s commute during off-peak hours. Toll rates are less expensive this way.

(3)    Offer to reimburse the nanny for travel fees. Most nannies need a car in order to be efficient and best meet the needs of the children. Public transportation can be an option but the family might want to offer the nanny their family car.

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What are you doing about the tolls? Share suggestions here.


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