SR99 Viaduct Closure: How Will it Affect Nannies and Families?

As most of us now know, the SR99 Alaskan Way Viaduct closure starts this Friday, October 21st at 7:30pm.  All North and South bound lanes of the SR99 Viaduct will be closed until 5am Monday, October 31st. This will have a major impact for all Seattle area commuters, but especially those that commute in or out of the South end.

Here are a few suggestions on how to address this issue for Nannies and Families:

1.  Families that are working from home during this time, consider letting your nanny flex her hours around peak commute times

2.  Nannies that will have to commute through this area during this time: consider staying closer to your work family on key days either with friends or family.  If that is not possible, consider spending the night at your work family’s house.  Families: consider offering your nanny a bonus or incentive to stay closer to you on key days during the work week.

For more information:

General Info:

Recommended Routes:

Another great source for real time information:

After the Closure:

Keep in mind that the closure is not the end of traffic issues through this area.  During the closure, the DOT will be removing the south end of the viaduct.  Traffic will be partially re-routed onto city streets through this area and then back up onto the viaduct at King St.  The speed limit through the area will be 25mph.  This will affect commute times until the tunnel project is complete sometime around 2015.

More information about SR 99 after the closure:

Simulated drive through on YouTube:

Have any other suggestions about how to deal with this closure, please comment below!  Also, tell us what you plan to do to adjust your commute!


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