While you wait…

Being out of work is never ideal.  With the current job market, and also the normal seasonal slowness of summer, what can a nanny do to earn income and/or strenghten her resume?

#1: On-Call Work!

While waiting for the prefect long term job to come up, taking temporary and On-Call positions will help you earn income and meet families.  It will also allow you to put something on your resume for the time period you are out of work.  Through networking and  meeting lots of families in temporary situations, you may also create a long term job for yourself and meet a family that decides they cannot live without you!  Annie’s Nannies offers On-Call work, summer positions, and short-term On-Going positions.  Let us know if you are interested!

#2: Volunteer!

Another thing to help keep you busy and add to your resume is to volunteer in your community!  There are so many organizations in the Seattle/East Side area that could use your child development expertise!  Volunteering your time not only benefits your community, it also looks good on your resume. Potential employers will see that, even though you didn’t have a job, you were spending your time using your skills and helping others.

Here are some online resources to find  local volunteer opportunities.




Comment below if you have other helpful ideas for nannies out of work!


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