Online Presence: How it effects your Nanny job search?

What does your online presence say about you? Just a few short years ago, job searchers did not have to worry about this question. Now it can actually make or break a job offer. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are a fun way to stay connected with friends, but what you say about yourself, what pictures you post and what others post about you can be significant and potentially harmful.

We recently had a family call us and tell us about a nanny they wanted to hire through another source. They were very excited about this nanny and were preparing an offer for her until they saw her Facebook account. It had posts and pictures about her drinking escapades. The family was immediately turned off and did not offer the nanny the job.

A New York Times article discussed the issue of setting your account to private. Most users assume that if they do this, only their “friends” will be able to see what they post. But, there are multiple ways around the privacy setting. Simply put, if you don’t want anyone else knowing about your private life do not post it online!

Here is an article about 5 Ways Social Media Could be Hurting Your Job Search.

There are ways to capitalize your online presence to help you with your job search. In an article on, they give lots of tips about how posting photos, videos and resume highlights online can actual help attract potential employers. As a nanny, posting pictures of you with children you care for (ask permission first!), discussing your childcare experience and posting amusing stories can be beneficial.


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