Preparing for a New Job Search

Early Fall is a very common time for families and nannies to be transitioning to new childcare solutions.  Children might be starting full-day school,  therefore reducing the hours of childcare needed.  Even in June, it is not too early to be thinking about your next long-term job.  Here are a few tips to ease your transition:

1.  Update your resume.  Is your current job on there?  Make sure to add the children’s ages, household duties, and the duration of the position.  Also, add the family’s contact information to your reference list.

2. Discuss the job transition with your current family.  Let them know you need to start looking, and talk through expectations as far as timing and giving your official notice.  When will they no longer need you?  Can you continue part-time if you haven’t found a new full-time job?  It is better to talk through these scenarios now so that there are no surprises later.

3. Request a letter of reference from your current family to add to your files.

4.  Update the agency with what you are looking for, your “ideal” scenario, availability, and revised paperwork.  Other paperwork will need to be updated such as application questions and background check forms.

5.  Think through your “deal-breakers” — what is most important to you (commute, age of children, schedule, etc.) and communicate those to the agency to help find the perfect match.

6.  Check in regularly with the agency and also check our online job board as most positions posted now have Fall start dates.


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