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Annie’s Nannies Sponsors 11th Annual PEPS Luncheon

Annie’s Nannies Staff: Teah, Amanda, Annie, and Suzanne

At Annie’s Nannies we are very involved in the community and routinely donate our services for various charities and community organizations.  On April 28th, as part of our on-going support of the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), we donated childcare at their 11th Annual Luncheon.  The Seattle Children’s Museum donated space for us to utilize.  Ten of our nannies volunteered their time to care for thirty children who ranged in age from 12 months to 4 1/2 years.  The children participated in craft activities, explored the museum and had a lot of fun!  The nannies also enjoyed themselves.  The parents were quite happy to know that their children were in good hands while they enjoyed the luncheon. Read more »

Nanny Service Offers “Swine Flu” Discount by Amy Allen, Staff Reporter Q13 Fox News,0,1346367.story


The Legal Review from Breedlove & Associates

There is a common perception that the government does little to enforce household employment tax law – and even when they do, the punishment is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The truth is that state unemployment agencies and the IRS have become increasingly aggressive about tax collection – and using severe punishment as a deterrent – because the gap between taxes due and taxes collected (known as “the tax gap”) has become untenable. While financial penalties are still the norm, this case demonstrates that the government is willing to also levy prison sentences in certain circumstances. Read more »

New Nanny Math by Hannah Seligson for

Welcome to the age of the either/or economy. For some, meaning a slim slice of the social pie, that trade-off is either Botox treatments or a full-time nanny, as The Wall Street Journal recently reported about Suzanne Sirof, a stay-at-home mother of two. As it turned out, the nanny was the “or not.”

While that conundrum has the trappings of an urban legend about the era of overconsumption, millions of parents are faced with desperate decisions when it comes to nannies. According to 2006 data from Breedlove & Associates, a payroll tax company that deals mostly with employers of household workers, 1.2 milliannon households in the U.S. employed a nanny, the umbrella term for in-house child care. Read more »

Nannies jumping for joy as seen on KING 5 News by Lisa Van Cise/NWCN

If you’re looking for some positive economic news, we have just the story for you.
While some analysts look at consumer confidence, mortgage activity, and employment to gauge the economic outlook, a Seattle business woman uses something else.

Annie Davis has 25 years of experience staffing nannies in Western Washington and holds tight to her economic prediction, the worst is over. Read more »

Recession shakes up child care for families by Thom Patterson for

(CNN) — Amanda Mezyk had developed a close bond with her employers’ children as their live-in nanny, which is why it was so painful when her bosses told her she was being laid off.

 Amanda Mezyk, 20, lost her live-in nanny job when the recession forced her employers to cut the family budget.

 “I started crying and they kept repeating, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,'” Mezyk, 20, said about the day last November when her employers — a Miami, Florida, plastic surgeon and a part-time dermatologist — delivered the bad news.

“They sat me down in the living room — where we usually would sit and talk about the kids — and they told me that business was slow and they had to cut expenses.” Read more »

Nanny 911: Seeking Temp Sitters by Shivani Vora

Seeking Mary Poppins in a pinch? Finding a trustworthy babysitter can be a challenge, especially at the last minute.

Nanny agencies promise to deliver competent temporary child care for a few hours up to several weeks. We put four to the test. We tried three local agencies: Babysitter’s Guild in New York City, North Shore Nannies in Chicago, Annie’s Nannies in Seattle. In Miami we used Nanny Poppinz, which operates in 33 U.S. cities.

We chose these agencies because they put their nannies through a rigorous screening process, requiring substantial previous child-care experience and a minimum of three references. Most are CPR certified. (Other services charge a fee for access to a list of available babysitters in their area. These sitters, however, aren’t reference checked.) Read more »

Working Dad: Economy will test parents, but some change is good by Paul Nyhan for Seattle PI

AS THE NEW year approached, I was searching for the big parenting story of 2009 until it hit me in the face. It’s the economy, stupid.

The recession threatens to reshape our parenting culture during the next year, as the nation’s most consumption-driven generation of parents copes with arguably the greatest economic contraction of their adult lives.

The convergence promises to create big and small changes within the American family, everything from more stay-at-home dads and fewer children in child care to less money spent on gear and a greater sense of community, experts say. Parents may even have more sex. Read more »

When the Going Gets Tough, Some People Lay Off the Nanny by Miriam Jordan as seen in the Wall Street Journal

For over eight years, Dolores Jacobo earned her place as an integral member of an affluent Malibu, Calif., household, where her workplace is a six-bedroom, nine-bath beachfront home with a private movie theater.

Hired to be the nanny of twin 3-month-olds, she stayed with the family after the girls started school. She transitioned from pushing strollers to shopping for groceries and ferrying the family’s golden retrievers to grooming appointments. Her employers, she explains, “have busy lives” that include volunteering at school, going to the gym, visiting the chiropractor and getting various beauty treatments, like facials, manicures and pedicures. Read more »

Association of Premier Nanny Agencies Annual Conference 2008

Agency owners from all over the country and Canada came to Las Vegas in October for APNA’s annual conference.  APNA conferences help agency owners understand the day to day basics of our industry.  We always come away refreshed with new ideas to help our clients find the best care for their children and their family.  Annie’s Nannies own Placement Counselor, Teah Achman, was one of the presenters.  She spoke about the need for on-call and temporary childcare for area families. Read more »

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