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Annie’s Nannies: December Nanny of the Month

Tonya Andrews is Annie’s Nannies’ December Nanny of the Month!  Tonya has been an ANI On-Call Nanny for over two years and is requested back by so many of our families.  Tonya also teaches theater and Shakespeare workshops to children ages 4 to 18!

One parent recently remarked, “I can’t imagine a harder assignment than to step in on an emergency basis to help out with a family you don’t know!  But Tonya did a great job.  She was punctual, helpful and great with the kids.  She seemed very calm and mature.  Lastly, she was attentive and quick to learn.”

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Natural Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Sandy got us to thinking, are our Nannies prepared for a natural disaster in Seattle? We all know that just a few inches of snow can be considered a “disaster” over here, but it’s always good to have a plan of action.

 Regarding Nannies has an excellent post about Nannies, Working and Inclement Weather which has information about Nannys traveling to work in intense weather conditions.

 Best Nanny Newsletter posted about Hurricane Sandy a couple days ago and has some great information on how to prepare for a natural disaster, including must-have emergency supplies from FEMA.

 We are hoping that those on the East Coast are staying safe and hope that all of our friends in Seattle are being thankful for our weather! :)

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Interviewing Tip for Seattle Nannies

When interviewing with a family, keep in mind that it is an opportunity to see if you feel comfortable and compatible with them. Feel free to ask them many questions and get a sense of their parenting philosphy and discipline style. These things can really make the difference in a position working out long term. Remember you are not the only one being interviewed!!

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Preparing for a New Job Search

Early Fall is a very common time for families and nannies to be transitioning to new childcare solutions.  Children might be starting full-day school,  therefore reducing the hours of childcare needed.  Even in June, it is not too early to be thinking about your next long-term job.  Here are a few tips to ease your transition: Read more »

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Nannies: Driving your car for work? Automobile insurance questions answered here!

Are you curious about how to handle automobile insurance as a nanny driving children? Let us answer your questions by checking out today’s blog about general insurance information!

Automobile insurance provides coverage for family members who cause injury or property damage while driving an automobile. Unfortunately, there are many exclusions and exceptions. A nanny is PROBABLY covered while she is driving the family’s automobile, but to be safe, the family should add the nanny to the policy as an additional insured.

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While you wait…

Being out of work is never ideal.  With the current job market, and also the normal seasonal slowness of summer, what can a nanny do to earn income and/or strenghten her resume?

#1: On-Call Work!

While waiting for the prefect long term job to come up, taking temporary and On-Call positions will help you earn income and meet families.  It will also allow you to put something on your resume for the time period you are out of work.  Through networking and  meeting lots of families in temporary situations, you may also create a long term job for yourself and meet a family that decides they cannot live without you!  Annie’s Nannies offers On-Call work, summer positions, and short-term On-Going positions.  Let us know if you are interested! Read more »

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Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

We often hear from nannies that their hours or jobs are being eliminated because the parents want to move the children into a more structured daycare or pre-school program for social and emotional development.   We know that a nanny can also provide a lot of social and emotional growth for the children in her care, but it requires some forethought and planning on the family and nanny’s part.  In our quest to continue to help nannies with tools for helping them grow as caregivers, here are some very interesting websites that offer a ton of valuable tools on how you can work with the children in your care. Read more »

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